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A FTSE 100 Utility wanted to use the need to refurbish some of its offices as an opportunity to drive culture change within the organisation away from its rather staid, hierarchical, public sector background to a more vibrant and up to date private sector company.

CDH Consulting led a programme that refurbished a prototype site and introduced a number of workplace changes that were innovations for the company. Utilising expert consultants from a number of different organisations the programme delivered the following change and benefits:-

bulletCreated an attractive open plan working environment and an office that people
wanted to use
bulletReplaced individual offices with a high ratio of bookable and non-bookable
meeting rooms
bulletIntroduced desk sharing for those regularly out of the office for more than a day
a week
bulletReduced on-site storage of paper and files by 80%
bulletEstablished a 1.3:1 ratio of staff based at the site to the number of desks

The success of the programme was established when the managing director used his weekly internet update to announce that this was the model for how the company’s office staff would work in the future.




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