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The Chief Constable of a police force wanted to use the need to replace all the IT systems that supported core policing functions as an opportunity for business change and delivering improved policing performance.

A framework of selection criteria was established to assist with the selection of application software:-

bulletUse ‘Off the Shelf’ packages.
bulletNo customisation of the packages would be carried out uniquely for the force.
bulletThe packages should be in use in at least 2 other police forces in England and Wales.
bulletAll systems must be able to integrate with each other.
bulletData should be entered once and then electronically transferred to wherever it was required.
bulletThere should be validation and support to ensure accuracy and completeness of data entry.


In parallel, the consultant established a programme team and business led working groups to set up the processes that needed to operate in the new world. It was recognised very early in the programme that stakeholders were struggling to develop requirements because their thinking was constrained by the capabilities of the applications that they were use to using. Consequently, members of the key stakeholder groups were taken to other police forces to show them other software packages in use. This opened up their minds to what was possible and enabled them to think more freely about their needs.

The stakeholder groups then worked with the programme team to develop scenarios that emulated key policing functions. Selection of the software packages to purchase was then based on the established framework criteria, which allowed a shortlist to be created. Packages on the shortlist were then evaluated against the scenarios developed by the end user teams.

The end result was that the IT systems to be implemented were selected by the people that were going to use them. These 'champions' were then able to sell the business benefits of the new systems to their colleagues, while the selection framework ensured that the products would work together and could be supported by the IT department.


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