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The police force had committed to being part of a national pilot aimed at improving the quality of service delivered to the public. The Chief Constable was not convinced that the force should be involved. CDH Consulting were asked to programme manage the work and began by creating a blueprint to show what would change as a result of the work. This was used to gain buy in from the Chief Constable and his management team.

The work began by understanding how the force was delivering service and mapping the business processes in use. In parallel, analysis was carried out to investigate how other organisations and police forces delivered service and academic papers were also reviewed. This was used to create a picture of what delivering good service to the public would mean for the police force.

The initial business process mapping was used to identify business process improvements that could be implemented immediately, realising benefits through improved quality of service to the public. This was delivered while more fundamental change to the organisation and structure, culture, skills and training of officers and staff, and IT systems were planned.








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