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During the course of consultancy assignments, CDH Consulting have built up considerable experience in creating successful Programme and Project teams. Setting up the necessary Programme and Project Office environments and governance structures has also been important.

CDH Consulting’s approach to running projects and programmes is to involve as many of the client’s own staff as possible. Through the management of the client’s staff during the running of programmes, CDH Consulting’s consultants have used their experience and expertise to develop the client’s programme and project management capability through:-

bulletEstablishment of best practice
bulletProduction of documents that are both appropriate to the scale of projects
and programmes being run and of sufficient quality which can be used as
future templates
bulletMentoring and supporting the client’s staff as required.

Quality assurance has also been carried out. This has been tailored to the scale of the project or programme being run, but has typically involved a day a month to review the status of the project or programme and the documented evidence to support progress, costs, benefits and product quality metrics.

Consultants from CDH Consulting have experience of using and are qualified in one or more of the OGC methodologies, PRINCE 2, MSP, Management of Risk and ITIL. They also have experience of other approaches such as PWC’s SUMMIT-D and Managing Change methodologies.

At CDH Consulting we adopt a pragmatic approach to project and programme management and will work to whatever methodologies and standards our clients wish us to adopt. We recognise the different methodologies for what they are; tools to support delivering business benefits to our clients, not a set of rules to be slavishly adhered to.

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