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A consultant from CDH Consulting was engaged to work for a major world wide hardware supplier and a major UK software and consultancy organisation who had won a contract to be the outsourced IT supplier for an overseas electricity company. The electricity company had been created as part of the break up of a state run monopoly to open up that country’s electricity market to competition.

The electricity company had no IT systems and the challenge was to spend June developing a strategy to get the necessary systems in place to allow them to compete in the new market which opened in October! The consultant from CDH Consulting’s responsibility was to develop the trading systems strategy that would allow the company to trade competatively in the deregulated market.

Through using knowledge of the UK electricity market and by analysing the rules for the overseas market (200 pages of detailed technical information) the consultant was able to identify the key success factors for operation in the new market and, by doing so, establish the credibility of the team and win the confidence of the client's staff. From this, the approach to systems development and deployment was defined.

The success of the strategy was clearly illustrated when the electricity company was the only generator able to operate electronically when the deregulated market opened with consequent positive impact on their profits.



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